Three options according to your needs, current maturity level of Enterprise Architecture in the organization and the vision of its strategic role for your business.



For customers who have EA less developed so far, we have prepared predefined products that enable fast and efficient implementation. Products have a clear timeline and a set of content outputs…

WE BUILD FROM BEGINNING. The products offered by digitWin reflect the achievement of the goals set within use cases falling into individual business areas. The main benefit of the products is the rapid but gradual increase in increments within dynamic model of the organization, which brings the achievement of set goals in a controllable way. The products have a clearly defined limited duration. digitWin brings a set of content outputs (eg metadata, diagrams, integrations) to each product, from which a relevant subset is selected based on the specific environment and customer requirements. The purpose of these products is the fast, efficient and effective delivery of outputs covering the solution of problems of a specific use case in the customer's environment.



For clients who have developed EA, tailor-made projects are the optimal way. The joint team of digitWin and the client defines the goals of the project. Thanks to its experience, digitWin is able to provide the necessary professional consultation ...



WE INTEGRATE TAILOR-MADE. digitWin implements various architectural projects in cooperation with the public and private sectors. Mutual communication is a key factor for the success of any project. Through projects, it is possible to implement support for any of the business areas, while combining the architectural knowledge and experience of digitWin consultants with the customer's unique organizational knowledge limiting the scope, requirements and environment. By combining these two key factors, it is possible to achieve the solution of critical problems of the organization in a reasonable time with adequately spent resources.

Value Sprints


For complex companies that want to develop EA really holistically with the vision of creating DTE (digital twin of enterprise), we recommend the way of Value Sprints. Predefined sprints allow you to use ready-made models and get outputs in the fastest time. Close collaboration is important to allow fast connections to internal data…

HIGH LEVEL METHODOLOGY. VALUE FAST. Value Sprints represent clearly defined deliveries of outputs supporting the solution of specific problems. With this iterative approach, it is possible to gradually create a digital image of the organization (DTE) and achieve specific goals in a fast, low-cost and efficient form, with the support of digitWin. The order of initial critical areas, but also less critical ones, is realized by the customer by prioritizing key issues. The prioritized key questions are then processed by the BiZZdesign algorithm. The result are precisely defined Value Sprints in a specific order based on the customer's environment, realizing the outputs and achieving goals for solving his problems.

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