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BiZZdesign release newsvol. 2

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In today's sequel to the BiZZdesign release news series, you will find a description of two new functionalities that have been added in the latest version of BiZZdesign. In addition, you will find a description of removed bugs in this article.

The latest version of BiZZdesign is marked as version 4 and its last release was released on March 15, 2021. Cloud solutions are upgraded automatically after the release. However, on-premise solutions are updated by customers at their own discretion. A quick and up-to-date description of the news can be found at the following link: Latest release. Latest release.

News of version 4 from March 15, 2021

  1. Site creation improvements
  2. Cleanup of graphic shapes
1. Site creation improvements

When creating a Site in the HoriZZon portal, a table with all available model packages and projects is displayed first, one of which can be selected. The table offers the possibility to search, it is possible to sort the individual values ​​and at the same time each record also indicates the time of the last update of the model package or project. This improvement simplifies the search and usability of the portal when creating Sites, especially in the case of a large number of model packages and projects. If you have not used the Sites functionality before, the complete documentation is available online: Sites creation.

HoriZZon - table for creating Sites

From now on, the creation of a new Site is also possible from the detail of a model package or project. A + icon has been added to the Sites section bar to create a new Site directly from this detail.

HoriZZon - detail of model package / project
2. Cleanup of graphic shapes

The set of available shapes and icons in Enterprise Studio has been reduced. More than 100 obsolete and unused symbols have been removed and will no longer be available in newly created model packages. However, to maintain backward compatibility, these symbols will continue to be available in model packages created before the BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio upgrade to the latest version. It is possible to define a custom shape for any object from the metamodel using the Change Graphic Shape function, online documentation: Change Graphic Shape.

For a list of all deleted symbols, see: removed symbols.

Removed bugs in version 4 from March 15, 2021

TP-11021 – Team Platform

Sites will remain accessible to users even after revoking their invitation to the model package or project on which the Site is based.

TP-11833 – Team Platform

Insufficient verifications of the inputs were performed for certain model package management operations.

TP-11831 – Team Platform

A security issue has been fixed on the group and user management pages, for users with the (System) Administrator role.

TP-11895 – Team Platform

Adding a monetary value to a data block field, deleting a value, and re-adding it resulted in an error that prevented the user from saving the latest monetary value. This issue has been resolved.

author Jozef Melicherčík