Bizzdesign Basic

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This course will help you master the various elements of the Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio architectural platform and its methodology. You will learn how to use the ArchiMate® language within the powerful Bizzdesign software. Learn how Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio helps model, analyze, and transform the structure of your organization. Practical examples and exercises will allow you to easily put what you learn into practice.

The training is designed for beginners. You will gain basic knowledge for working with the modeling tool Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio, in which you will be able to apply knowledge of notations such as TOGAF, ArchiMate, UML, or BPMN in digital form.


1 day


the training takes place from 8am to 4pm

Number of participants

training is carried out with the participation of min. 6 people


understanding of Bizzdesign tools


obtaining a digitWin certificate


refreshments and drinking regime provided