Support of Business continuity management and disaster recovery

Ensure continuous delivery of your products and services and eliminate the occurrence and mitigate the impact of risks on your organization.

Key challenges

risks are in the nature of disasters and cause extensive damage

there is a failure of delivered products and services

there is irreversible damage to the organization

Achieved goals

elimination of risks

ensuring the continuous supply of products and services

An important factor in the delivery of products and services is ensuring their continuous supply and eliminating the emergence of possible risks. Several approaches are designed for this, the absence of organizations in which causes the risks of the nature of disasters and causes extensive damage, there is a failure of delivered products and services, there is irreversible damage to the organization.

 The quality of services provided is the number 1 priority of most organizations. Any downtime in the provision of services poses a reputational risk or loss of customers, which will ultimately affect the organization's revenue. The areas of "Business continuity management" and "Disaster recovery" come as a way to minimize the risks of service outages, or shorten the time needed to restore supply after a service outage. Thanks to the digital representation of the operational model, which includes the individual technological components, it is possible to perform simulations of the effects of "disasters". Thanks to this, it is possible to better prepare for or prevent disasters.

Impact Analysis

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