Process optimization

Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on your processes to a minimum and create efficient processes aimed at delivering your key products and services.

Key challenges

steps able to be automatized are performed manually

processes that can be performed concurrently are waiting in line

the same activity is performed repeatedly

data is duplicated unnecessarily

activities are created that are irrelevant to the process

Achieved goals

time savings

financial cost savings

acceleration and improvement of delivered products and services

The processes performed by the organization are a basic building block that helps to manage and direct the work of the team, the flow of data and the delivery of key products and services to customers. As the organization grows, so does the amount of complexity of the processes that are performed externally. Without a holistic view of processes, it is not possible to manage them correctly, which means that automated steps are performed manually, processes that can be performed in parallel are waiting for the failure, the same activity is performed repeatedly, data is unnecessarily duplicated, activities are created that are irrelevant for the process.

Thanks to mapping, capturing and modeling of processes manually, but also in an automated way, ie the creation of process maps, it is possible to detect activities that are performed unnecessarily, which can be parallelized or eliminated from the process. This provides opportunities to reduce the cost and time of process execution and creates efficient work to deliver key products and services.

Customer Journey Map

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