Infrastructure rationalization

Use the technologies needed to run your applications efficiently, cost-effectively and in accordance with current safety standards.

Key challenges

obsolete technologies are used, which pose a security risk and are cost-intensive

technological resources are wasted

duplicate technologies are emerging

technologies are becoming redundant

Achieved goals

time savings

financial cost savings

Business process support applications that deliver key products and services use a wide range of technologies. The technology management itself must be managed in its entirety and constantly analyzed, because the absence of this approach causes obsolete technologies to be used, which pose a security risk and are cost-intensive, technological resources are wasted, duplicate technologies are created, technologies become redundant. A key factor for reducing financial personnel costs is the appropriate analysis and management of the technology portfolio.

The long-term operation of companies brings a wide range of used technologies. For each of these technologies, it is necessary to have employees with competencies, or to pay for "outsourcing" these services to suppliers. Mapping, capturing and evaluating the used technological platforms brings space for their reduction, or revealing the possibilities of their migration to uniform standards.

Infrastructure Architecture

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