Data rationalization and mapping

Know the data in your organization and use their potential to effectively achieve the set goals.

Key challenges

duplicate data occurs

security threats causing damage occur

no statistics are available to support the management of the organization

resources are wasted

Achieved goals

time savings

financial cost savings

elimination of security threat risks

understanding and gaining an overall view of the data

Within every organization flows an enormous amount of data that is necessary for its operation. Knowledge of these data can help achieve efficient use of resources, eliminating the risks of security threats. The absence of knowledge of the organization's data causes duplicate data to occur, security threats causing damage occur, statistics necessary for the management and management of the organization are not available, resources are wasted.

The topic of the data used by the organization and their purpose becomes topical, especially with the advent of the legislative obligation of the GDPR. The organization's digital twin will help you map the data your organization uses and link them to each application. Within the digital twin, it is also possible to prepare such means that store the purpose of this data or the security classification. The results can then be presented in the form of clear reports or temperature maps.

Data Classification

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