Cloud migration

Achieve a successful migration to the cloud within a set cost and time scope.

Key challenges

the cloud migration project will fail

the duration of the project is extended

the migration project is becoming more expensive

important data is lost

Achieved goals

time savings

financial cost savings

successful completion of the migration project within the set costs and time

Cloud solutions are becoming the dominant way to deploy applications to save financial, human and time resources. However, the migration to the cloud environment itself is a non-trivial issue that requires detailed planning and management. The absence of these two elements can cause the cloud migration project to fail, extend the duration of the project, make the migration project more expensive, and lose important data.

The cloud migration project is a challenging task and without a thorough analysis and covering all dependencies on the affected components, there is a great risk associated with prolonged implementation or complete failure of the project. An approach based on an architectural model (digital twin) of moving applications and infrastructure can mitigate these risks.

Technology Lifecycle

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