Application interdependencies

Know all the dependencies between your applications and use their potential to the fullest extent of the resources spent on their development and maintenance.

Key challenges

the execution of application processes is prolonged

communication errors and data loss occur in applications

maintenance and additional application development are becoming more expensive

Achieved goals

time savings

financial cost savings

savings of human resources

Organizations use information systems to support their activities, which simplifies work and reduces the amount of resources spent. Individual information systems and applications are interconnected and their mutual cooperation is a necessary prerequisite for the effective functioning of the organization. The absence of knowledge of dependencies between applications causes the execution of application processes to be prolonged, there are errors in the communication of astrata data in applications, maintenance and additional development of applications are becoming more expensive.

By mapping and capturing currently used applications, together with the interconnection of their data flows and mutual cooperation, it is possible to support the performed analyzes without hidden dependencies. In addition, analyzes are performed in a shorter time and with greater accuracy. Individual dependencies can be displayed in the form of prepared visualizations or reports.

Application Infrastructure

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